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Children described as the gifts of GOD given to this world and are the future of the nation. But in India many children have a very vulnerable life due to many reasons. Today, child labor and child trafficking is a major problem in this world due to the negligence towards them. Orphans – the word which embarks sympathy in every other person but few are the people who are willing to really help them. Many of NGOs have been formed up for this cause and one of them is the Manna Child Home situated in the Pink City of India , 200 ft Bypass. 

On 20th October 2017 , the Our Hand for Help foundation was all ready to start their naive work and organised a charity in Manna Child Home . All the members visited the orphanage home and sat down with them and had fun with the children. We distributed essential day to day needs like clothing and food materials. The clothing included – 50 pieces of sweater, food material as biscuits, sweets, etc to a total around 50 orphan children living there. The children were also encouraged by singing and dancing to increase their morale. 

A small step of ours might have improved the life of the children as we saw during the consecutive follow ups. Spreading humanity is the major goal of this foundation and this is just a small step about it.




Elderly age group is one of the most vulnerable part of our society. Irrespective of the financial, health and work conditions, all elderly people face troubles which include both physical and mental. Though the physical troubles may be postponed with the help of some medications and exercise, as these are physiological these can’t be altered much. But mental troubles can be prevented if these people get the optimum amount of support from the society and it not only improves the life qualitatively but also quantitatively.  In this selfish world, once one can’t seek any profit from an individual they just take it as a burden and leave the elderly all alone despite of their important contributions. 

Mother Teresa Old Age Home a philanthropic organisation situated in the busy streets of Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. Our Hand for Help Charitable Foundation visited the home on 3 rd March 2018 and spent some valuable time with them and donated some goods as clothing which included 160 T-shirts, 30 pieces of lowers, food stuff as fruits, raw materials. By this we could help around 160 elderly and needy people. We also had a short period of fun time with the people there where they were allowed to express themselves.

With a such a small effort of ours to improve the lives it was overwhelming to look at their response and this motivated us even further to do more work of this type. It’s like the empty vessels of their lives were filled once again with the same amount of happiness and care which they once had.




Our Hand for Help Foundation visited various NGOs – Manna Child Home, Mother Teresa Old Age Home , etc. There we spent some quality time with the needy people residing there and also donated some essential day to day goods. Our contributions included around 400 t-shirts and lowers, food items, fruits. 


We also donated some study materials for the youth which includes notebooks, pens, pencils and also briefed the students of the importance of education.




In India, slums are densely populated residential areas with very few amenities. This has a direct impact on childhood and growth of the children living in these slums.


 Most of the time, their families are not aware about schemes related to education and even if they are aware, they cannot avail the benefits due to many restrictions and reasons. The main reason is poverty.


OUR HAND FOR HELP CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is dedicated to the welfare and education of children living in impoverished condition. The first goal was to remove the negligence towards education and spread awareness to the families living in these slums.


On 23rd November 2018, our foundation distributed study material

(notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc) to about 50 children after the awareness drive.




Have you ever stopped to think of the food you eat ? Most probably No as you are fortunate enough to get 3 time meal easily without any sufferings and trouble. But the sad reality is that even in today’s world of such a wide range of food products, a mind boggling number of people are still facing the hunger crisis. And why is it so – Poverty which is one of the major problems in our country. The poor people are not able to achieve the basic needs of their lives even after their hard-work due to social discrimination.

Hunger and starvation leads to undernourishment of individuals which lead to a poorer quality of life and as such hunger leads to more hunger and the vicious cycle continues. 


Hunger crisis leading to the economic and social down-growth of this country is one of the major concerns of Our Hand For Help Charitable foundation and we on the 11th May 2019 conducted a food distribution program on the Roadside area of Jaipur City and in the Mother Teresa Home for needy people in C-scheme Jaipur. We gave food packets to around 500 roadside people and around 250 people in Mother Teresa Home.  The food packets included chapati, sabji, sweets and pickle prepared by our own team.




In today’s world where one can reach the other corner of world without displacement, education has become an essential part of human  life. Even if not that advanced, basic knowledge is necessary for an individual to be aware of the society and to thrive in this journey called life. But it is not that easy as there stands many social barriers in the way, of these the most significant is poverty. The concept of role a child should play in the society is still not clear , for example even now the poor people take them as source of income resulting in major issues as child labor and child trafficking and this deteriorate the child’s lifestyle and thinking. This vicious cycle then is carried on.

Attaining education is the right of each and every person no matter the age,financial conditions,caste,etc. Our Hand For Help Charitable foundation stands with this and did at their level of what they could. On 13th August 2019 , we visited 10 govt. Schools in Chomu, Jaipur and spent some time with around total of 800 students. After having a short session on the necessity of education we distributed each student with some study materials including notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc

Another attempt we made for this cause is by helping an underprivileged needy child named Aruna Sharma d/o Harinarayan Sharma of Krishna Colony, Chomu. We admitted her to a respectful institute – Rajani Public Senior Secondary School Chomu and shall pay for her expenses till she complete schooling.

On the very same day, we also planted around 50 trees as an attempt to reduce global warming and providing awareness of the same.




In India, a fraction of the population suffers from mental illness. Sadly much of them is neglected and turned a blind eye on. There are very few dedicated individuals in our country dedicated towards the well being of mentally ill people. One of those few kind hearten individuals is

Mr. Ravi Kalra (Karmayogi: KBC Fame) who started THE EARTH SAVIOR FOUNDATION situated in Bandhwadi, Gurugram. 


This foundation currently serves 550 mentally ill people, most of them who were abandoned by their families or guardians.This foundation also carries out the funeral (cremation or burial) of those who were not fortunate enough to get one by their families or had no families hence could not get a funeral.


On 13th October 2019, OUR HAND FOR HELP CHARITABLE FOUNDATION interacted with mentally ill people there. After the interaction session, we donated essential food material like sugar, oil, flour, pulses, rice, milk, clothes, etc. to sustain them for few days.




 Warm clothes are the basic need of poor people in winters. Many people cannot afford good quality warm clothes. And for this, on the day of Christmas 25th of December 2019, OUR HAND FOR HELP CHARITABLE FOUNDATION organise a programme to distribute winter and normal clothes and food packages to the needy ones. 

Reusable winter and normal clothes were collected from the college  students and some kind donors. We distributed clothes and food packets in slum areas, road side area(Chomu to Jaipur city).Around 1000 persons of all age were benefitted from this nobel cause.