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Elderly age group is one of the most vulnerable part of our society. Irrespective of the financial, health and work conditions, all elderly people face troubles which include both physical and mental. Though the physical troubles may be postponed with the help of some medications and exercise, as these are physiological these can’t be altered much. But mental troubles can be prevented if these people get the optimum amount of support from the society and it not only improves the life qualitatively but also quantitatively.  In this selfish world, once one can’t seek any profit from an individual they just take it as a burden and leave the elderly all alone despite of their important contributions. 

Mother Teresa Old Age Home a philanthropic organisation situated in the busy streets of Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. Our Hand for Help Charitable Foundation visited the home on 3 rd March 2018 and spent some valuable time with them and donated some goods as clothing which included 160 T-shirts, 30 pieces of lowers, food stuff as fruits, raw materials. By this we could help around 160 elderly and needy people. We also had a short period of fun time with the people there where they were allowed to express themselves.

With a such a small effort of ours to improve the lives it was overwhelming to look at their response and this motivated us even further to do more work of this type. It’s like the empty vessels of their lives were filled once again with the same amount of happiness and care which they once had.

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