SLUM (23-11-2018)

In India, slums are densely populated residential areas with very few amenities. This has a direct impact on childhood and growth of the children living in these slums.


 Most of the time, their families are not aware about schemes related to education and even if they are aware, they cannot avail the benefits due to many restrictions and reasons. The main reason is poverty.


OUR HAND FOR HELP CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is dedicated to the welfare and education of children living in impoverished condition. The first goal was to remove the negligence towards education and spread awareness to the families living in these slums.


On 23rd November 2018, our foundation distributed study material

(notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc) to about 50 children after the awareness drive.

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Our Hand For Help Charitable Foundation is a secular, non-political, non-governmental, and non-profitable registered charitable Society. Our activities include working for Run Free Education and providing hospitality, food, and clothing to the children who live below the poverty line and also for orphanages, old age homes. We are also working actively for the elimination of child labor.