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 The environment-priceless cash

      we have to learn to maintain a balance between Economy and ecosystem. There are millions of people who don’t still understand the importance of a healthy environment. We cut trees left right and center without really think about the consequences of that this has led to tsunami, land slide, earthquakes as well as Still continues to lead to natural calamities. We generally think of short-term goals rather than long term goals. 
       Then why meant is a free gift of nature and we should respect it rather than abuse it. We must learn to preserve the environment along with growing economy. Often like to go to Hill station or places which are surrounded with nature as it provides a sense of calmness as well as peace. Our peace is also affiliated with the environment and thus I say the environment is priceless cash. It continues to provide for us but we turn a blind eye to it. I think it’s high time we stop abusing our environment and respect it.

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