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Have you ever stopped to think of the food you eat ? Most probably No as you are fortunate enough to get 3 time meal easily without any sufferings and trouble. But the sad reality is that even in today’s world of such a wide range of food products, a mind boggling number of people are still facing the hunger crisis. And why is it so – Poverty which is one of the major problems in our country. The poor people are not able to achieve the basic needs of their lives even after their hard-work due to social discrimination.

Hunger and starvation leads to undernourishment of individuals which lead to a poorer quality of life and as such hunger leads to more hunger and the vicious cycle continues. 


Hunger crisis leading to the economic and social down-growth of this country is one of the major concerns of Our Hand For Help Charitable foundation and we on the 11th May 2019 conducted a food distribution program on the Roadside area of Jaipur City and in the Mother Teresa Home for needy people in C-scheme Jaipur. We gave food packets to around 500 roadside people and around 250 people in Mother Teresa Home.  The food packets included chapati, sabji, sweets and pickle prepared by our own team.

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