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In today’s world where one can reach the other corner of world without displacement, education has become an essential part of human  life. Even if not that advanced, basic knowledge is necessary for an individual to be aware of the society and to thrive in this journey called life. But it is not that easy as there stands many social barriers in the way, of these the most significant is poverty. The concept of role a child should play in the society is still not clear , for example even now the poor people take them as source of income resulting in major issues as child labor and child trafficking and this deteriorate the child’s lifestyle and thinking. This vicious cycle then is carried on.

Attaining education is the right of each and every person no matter the age,financial conditions,caste,etc. Our Hand For Help Charitable foundation stands with this and did at their level of what they could. On 13th August 2019 , we visited 10 govt. Schools in Chomu, Jaipur and spent some time with around total of 800 students. After having a short session on the necessity of education we distributed each student with some study materials including notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc

Another attempt we made for this cause is by helping an underprivileged needy child named Aruna Sharma d/o Harinarayan Sharma of Krishna Colony, Chomu. We admitted her to a respectful institute – Rajani Public Senior Secondary School Chomu and shall pay for her expenses till she complete schooling.

On the very same day, we also planted around 50 trees as an attempt to reduce global warming and providing awareness of the same.

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