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In India, a fraction of the population suffers from mental illness. Sadly much of them is neglected and turned a blind eye on. There are very few dedicated individuals in our country dedicated towards the well being of mentally ill people. One of those few kind hearten individuals is

Mr. Ravi Kalra (Karmayogi: KBC Fame) who started THE EARTH SAVIOR FOUNDATION situated in Bandhwadi, Gurugram. 


This foundation currently serves 550 mentally ill people, most of them who were abandoned by their families or guardians.This foundation also carries out the funeral (cremation or burial) of those who were not fortunate enough to get one by their families or had no families hence could not get a funeral.


On 13th October 2019, OUR HAND FOR HELP CHARITABLE FOUNDATION interacted with mentally ill people there. After the interaction session, we donated essential food material like sugar, oil, flour, pulses, rice, milk, clothes, etc. to sustain them for few days.

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