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Our NGO at a glance.

The NGO, Our Hand For Help Charitable Foundation is consistently working for those among us who are not blessed with the amenities we often take for granted. Our beneficiaries include the poor, orphaned children, old people abandoned by their households, and the physically and mentally challenged. Our organization also works in spreading awareness about their frugal quality of life and the immense hardships they go through just to go about their daily activities. The organization was founded on 26ᵗʰ May 2016 and is registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration act,1958, Rajasthan act no.28 (on 29ᵗʰ November 2018).

Our Hand For Help Charitable Foundation is a secular, non-political, non-governmental, and non-profitable registered charitable Society. Our activities include working for Run Free Education and providing hospitality, food, and clothing to the children who live below the poverty line and also for orphanages, and old age homes. We are also working actively for the elimination of child labor.

hand for help

Your smallest contribution to our selfless mission will help us to serve poor and needy people in high spirits.

hand for help

You can Connect with us on our various social platforms and get to know more, or you can mail or call us on under mentioned details.

hand for help

Our Mission is to save humanity and the planet with every little effort we can put through our helping hands.

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Our Hand For Help Charitable Foundation is a registered NGO in Chomu, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It was founded in the year 2016 by Chandra Prakash and friends. The foundation is dedicated to serving less privileged people and making every possible effort to protect Humanity. The Our Hand For Help Charitable Foundation is registered under 80G of the Income Tax Exemption Act and is eligible to get support from corporate companies under CSR. The selfless, dedicated, committed volunteers of The Our Hand For Help Charitable Foundation works, day and night for community welfare.


Campaign For Bright Future

Our organization is campaigning to solve all many small issues, it is providing education regarding all such taboo factors which no one is talking about in many places.




The primary aim and most important aim of the NGO is to give education to all sections of the society and specially the poor. 


Our organization work to help through health awareness campaign, Medical camp, Help in treatment etc.


We have also worked in the sector of the environment to counteract the effect of global warming and climate change. 


Our NGO works for the homeless via food distribution and cloth distribution and also provides needy items of any kind.





Organized program





“I'm writing this letter to show my and my family's appreciation for your hard work in support of all those who are unable to cope with the hardships of life without others' help. We've been cooperating for half a year now and I have to say I'm really impressed by your Organization. I do believe your activities are changing this world for the better making it more friendly and supporting the needy ones. This gives us a lot of motivation to continue our humble efforts to support you at least in one of the fields of your activities” 

—  Tomasz Gacek (Poland)


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